Smart Beyoncé Arrested For Smuggling Drugs in Enugu

Enugu big girl, 29-Year-Old Socialite Ms. Onuorah Caritas Onyinye AKA Smart Beyoncce, notorious for going brakes has been arrested at the Enugu Airport Enugu upon arrival on ethiopian airline flight from Addis Ababa.

A Search Of Her Luggage Led To The Discovery Of 2.192kilograms Of Cocaine Concealed In Two Designers Women Handbags With False Linings.

One Of Her Close Friends Who Craved Annonymity Insist That Ms. Caritas Was A Decent Girl Up Until 2-3 Years Ago When Another Friend Took Her Abroad And Showed Her How To Make Mad Money.

She Is Reported To Be Inconsolable In Detention And Is Yet To Name Her Sponsors.

– GalaxyTV

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