The Rumour On Communications Shut Down In Zamfara State

It has become necessary to clear some obvious misconception of a certain statement emanating from this office on the above subject matter which has generated disturbing rumour currently circulating in the state.

His Excellency, Dr Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato), in his usual concern over the menace of banditry in the state, and his care for victims of such crimes, expressed his worry as he commisserated with the families of the recent abduction of young entrepreneurs of Bebeji Plaza.

It is not enough for Government to commisserate with victims like everyone else, but to inform the general public what measures it is taking to address the challenges at hand. Hence, His Excellency made known the position of Government at the time.

His Excellency said he has rallied all security functionaries in the state around new strategy of addressing the challenges posed by bandits, especially as the rainy season is here again, which will see the implementation of result-oriented measures.

He also stated that if the implementation of communication shut down becomes necessary, it can be employed once again, but at no point in time did His Excellency announce the shut down of tele-conmunications services, nor requested the discharging Agency for its implementaion.

This is to put the record properly please.

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