Jonathan poised to unveil 2023 presidential agenda

It is only a matter of time before former President Goodluck unveils his 2023 presidential ambition, given the tell tale signs of his imminent intention to throw his hat into the ring in the months ahead.

The former president has been evasive on whether he is nursing another presidential ambition but following weeks of intense pressure mounted by groups who flooded the federal capital city with posters of Jonathan, the former president on Friday broke his silence, promising to work with the youths to deal with some of the challenges facing the country.

While categorically stating that he has no immediate intention to declare for the presidency, he however urged them to be on the lookout, as the political process is still unfolding.

Jonathan also told the protesting youths who stormed his Maitama residence early morning on Friday, in their numbers, that they too had been empowered by the Not -Too -Young -To -Run Act to seek any political office in the land.

Among other encouraging words, he maintained that the youth have a strong role to play in who emerges Nigeria’s next president as he urged them to pray for the country to get the kind of president that will carry them along, stating that the challenges facing the country are not insurmountable.

“I always say youths must get involved in the political process and
The- Not- Too- Young -To -Run Law has made it clear that young people can contest any position in government. So we will continue to encourage you to get involved in the political process, and as long as many youths get involved in the political process, we will be able to get the government that we want.

“Yes the country is facing some challenges; some of them started a long time ago. And I believe with the interest of young people, these problems will be dealt with if we work very hard. Yes, you are calling me to come and declare for the next election, I cannot tell you I’m declaring. The political process is ongoing. Just watch out.

“But the key role you must play is that you must pray that Nigeria gets somebody that will carry the young people along, somebody that can also work very hard to see that some of the problems you raised are dealt with by government. And I believe collectively we will work together, I thank all of you,” he said.

Keen observations at the gathering also seem to suggest that some associates and presidential aides of the former president may not be unconnected with the political pressure groups rallying support for Jonathan.

Speaking on their agitations, convener of a Youth Compatriots of Nigeria, (YCON) Mayor Samuel said the group does not care what platform Jonathan chooses to run, provided he fulfills the yearning of the people.

Addressing journalists, Samuel insisted that Jonathan should run on the platform of the Nigeria Peoples Party, saying that any political party that gives Jonathan its ticket is Pro- Nigerian people.

“We are calling on the man who has the feeling of the people at heart, the man of the Goodluck to answer the call of the people and come and take the mantle of leadership come 2023.

“We have tested those who deceived us that they are better, now our eyes are clear and we are pleading for forgiveness. Please answer the call and come and lead us again.

“Nigeria is in a state of no return, in a state of comatose, and we can’t continue like this. For the sake of the children that are with us, for the sake of pregnant women here, for the sake of market women who left their businesses to come, we are pleading that you hear their pleas. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

“We are calling on you to come and lead us again. You had a better dream before the saboteurs came and deceived us, we now know better. All we need is a Nigerian that will not discriminate, a Nigerian that will work for the South South, for the South East, for the South West, a Nigerian that will work for the North, because poverty has no limitations and the poverty that is striking in the East is the same that is striking the West as well as the north. Everywhere; all we are looking for is a competence, a sound mind like Jonathan to continue the transformation agenda he had before they came to deceive us,” he said.

Ask to respond to allegation that Jonathan would be doing the south a disservice if he runs for a term and return power to the north, he said the issue is not how long but the one that can help rescue the country from the challenge it faces.

He said that even if Jonathan decides not to run and suggest another Jonathan, Nigerians will queue behind that person. (Daily Independent)

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