N22.9 Bn: ‘Netizens’ Commend EFCC, Bawa on Judgement over Pension Thief

Thousands of netizens (social media users) from across the world have commended the Abdulrasheed Bawa led Management of the EFCC for meticulously prosecuting a former Assistant Director in the Police Pension Office, John Yakubu Yusuf, over a Twenty –two Billion, Nine Hundred Million Naira (N22.9b) fraud.
In a judgment on Wednesday, 13 April, 2022, read by Justice Tijjani Abubakar, the Supreme Court not only affirmed the six years jail term imposed on the convict, he was also ordered him to refund N22.9b to government coffers.
The judgement was received with jubilations by the general public especially followers of the Commission’s verified Platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts upon receiving the story.

Some of the comments by the followers reads:
Laura Francis: Good job EFCC. Get the big guys and hopefully they will all go down sooner or later! Keep up the great work you are doing!! Kudos!!
Idris Ahmad: This is a great achievement by the Commission.
Prince Ken Philips: Well-done EFCC, this is one of those who put this country where we’re today because of self-centeredness. The country is busy borrowing money from other countries and those who we uphold to serve us are busy extorting the country.
Peters Sunday: This is the best corruption judgement I have ever seen or heard. Prison term and funds returned. Please what about the sacred big fish Abdulrasheed Maina and his son Faisal? We need to know about them
Ekevere Blessing: Peters Sunday Maina is already in jail; son is still on d run
Aliyu Ayitogo: Job weldon, if I were dz judge life imprisonment straight. Now, this is what we want from the EFCC. Appeal all those appalling judgements. Well done EFCC!
JP Maidoki: Our constitution need to be reviewed how can one steal billions and get just six years jail term and another will still ten thousand and get ten years
Jimoh Ganiyu Ajide: Only six years? When so many lives have been lost.
But Adedeji Kenny Chess Motivator thinks: That sentence is just for show, how can he be handed 6 years for about N23b? Well, we will get there gradually
Yinka Adelabu: Since that young man, Bawa, stepped in as the Chairman of the EFCC, there has been serious fire in his bones. That young man is a blessing to Nigeria. Kudos. Keep up the good work
Ibrahim Hamman: Weldon EFCC. May God continue to be with you always Ameen
Musa Ahmad Labe: So far this is the great & appreciate conviction seen by EFCC to be…
Sanni Adeniyi: Death sentence is the best judgment for people like this, not imprisonment at all
Blessed Judon: This is wonderful news. More grace to EFCC and Nigerian Court for this deserved judgement
Hydar Abubakar: This is just an Assistant Director. Only God knows what a Deputy Director and a substantive Director will accumulate
Segun Ogabi: A job Well done @EFCC 👏
Mohammed Abdullahi: very correct but judiciary is a setback to Nigeria democracy
Ebenezer Obiekwe: Judgement secured but execution of the judgement is a huge issue.
To Robert Niyemdi, the jail term for such amount is too small.
Genesis Godwin: This is what should be done at least to send signal to other corrupt officers. Good job, if more investigations is done on public officers the way you guys chases yahoo boys up and down Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be a better place and there will be less hardships… See more
Stephen Ak Ukong: This are the kind of News we want to be seeing on your page. Nice Job!
Umar Jalo Gawi: Congratulations EFCC
Victor Teh Dabo: Bravo !, EFCC.
Tee Akhimien: Nice job efcc this is the kind of news we like to hear
Chijioke R Adigom: They should do fast and sentence Willie for 21yrs😐
Sam K. Oguagbaka: Good job by EFCC
Bello Jibril: You have done wonderfully wel continue with good job.
Sagir Hashim: That’s good justice
D Iorhens Solomon: Congratulations EFCC
Basher Abubakar: My country my nation
Kay Sanusi: Well done Efcc
Paul B Achile Ochimana: Kudos EFCC but 6years too small for 22B
Simon Igube: Good job EFCC
Agia Iorwuese: Kudos to EFCC
Adeyemi Adebayo: The best corruption case judgement in the history of Nigeria, if things is like this no one will steal Nigeria money.
Saidu Akogwu Ibrahim: People get mind for this country sha, how he want spend the money finish before he die self🤔🤔🤔
Seyi Rerelolu: Am just imagining what this Old Man will be telling his Grand children about Stealing and Broad day Diversion of Public funds. What integrity does this Person want lay for His Descendants.Vanity upon Vanity…… Spoil Family Name all because of ….
Mubarak Ibrahim: This country I don’t know is really wrong with us as if we are curse. This corruption of a thing has eaten deep inside us such that those waiting to steal from Nigeria by far outnumbered those stealing from the country currently.
Abbas Idrees Yanganau: 22.9 billion naira washed away by a single person..Imagine a retired police officers who serves for 35 years didn’t have an access to get his gratuities in bulk but bloody civilian carried the whole and converted it into his own personal Use How and when
Jo S Oyibo: 6 year jail term for 22billion? Them for kukuma free am na
Tunde Odebunmi: Am just upset, someone confessed to have stolen N24 billion? am still baffled. He actually deserve extra judicial sentence.
Chris Nduka: 22.9 Billion? Imagine those Police Officers whose pensions were stollen? Kudo to EFCC. We expect more of this from this Commission. Don’t concentrate on yahoo boys alone. Go after these government officials who are corrupt
Michael Okwori: This is an impressive work by the commission.
Adegbeye Adewale Oluwaseyitodarafunmi Joseph: Economic and Financial Crimes Commission deserves commendation on this.
Abba-Abdulkadir Hassan Hadejia: What will they do with all this? 🙆♂️🙆♂️🙆♂️
Agha Joseph: Congratulations to EFCC and patriotic Nigerians and we need more of this kind.👌💪👍
Nasir Shuaibu: Our judicial system is totally mess.
Michael Audu: Until capital punishment is given to corrupt office holders, Nigeria will never be free from corruption. Simple!
Vincent Adebayo Àdòdó: I support EFCC on this.
Kofoworola Ogunnaike: Kudos to the Efcc
Prince Wise: Say no to crime
@deenasekinase commented, “That’s excellent!!! Ci uwarsa mugun banza”.
@ommamma_ogomaekeledo commented, “nicely done”.
@belloridawanajamu said “That money plenty ooo”.

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