Nigerian Breweries Records Growth In Sales Volume Despite COVID-19, Inflation

The foremost brewing company, Nigerian Breweries Plc, recorded improved growth in sales volume in the 2021 financial year despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation on businesses.

This was disclosed by Managing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Hans Essaadi, at the Pre-Annual General Meeting media briefing of the company held in Lagos on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

He noted that though production costs increased significantly in the 2021 financial year, the company continued to mitigate the impact without imposing any additional cost on consumers.

He added that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation challenges, the company recorded a significant business performance driven mainly by robust sales volume growth.

According to him, the significant increase in sales volume for the 2021 financial year despite the impact of inflation could be attributed to their innovative workforce and the recently launched EverGreen Strategy.

He explained that with innovation being its primary driver for growth, the company would continue to leverage innovative ideas to deliver superior and balanced growth by focusing on their customers and consumers.

He stated that though the impact of COVID-19 created many uncertainties in the business environment in the 2021 financial year, the company saw it as an opportunity to redevelop relationships and foster stronger emotional connections with consumers by introducing new ideas and bringing back initiatives such as Gulder Ultimate Search.

He explained further that the company deepened its connection with consumers during the financial year by relaunching some of its premium lager, mainstream lager, and other non-alcoholic brands such as Amstel Malta, Maltina, and Desperado into the market and telling their stories. Some of the commercials that captured the storytelling narrative include the amplification of Niger Bridge icon city with Life Beer and Isedowo with Goldberg, among many others.

He further stated that the 2021 financial year marked a significant milestone for the company with the celebration of the 75th anniversary, which provided a unique opportunity to celebrate with employees, partners, and consumers for their consistent loyalty to the business.

He assured stakeholders that the company remains committed to keeping its balance sheet strong while also ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers, communities, and partners are protected.

About Nigerian Breweries PLC:

A member of the HEINEKEN Group, Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1946 as “Nigerian Brewery Limited,” the company made history in June 1949 when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos brewery bottling line. Today, it has a rich portfolio of 19 high-quality brands (such as Heineken, Desperados, Maltina, Life, Amstel Malta, Gulder, Fayrouz, and Legend) produced from 9 breweries and two malting plants which are distributed nationwide.

Nigerian Breweries is also a recipient of several awards and recognition in other areas of its operations, including product quality, marketing excellence, productivity and innovation, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.

To learn more, visit the Nigerian Breweries website:

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