Buhari Asks Police, Security Agencies To Dismantle Ogun Cult Killings

President Muhammadu Buhari has called for an end to the murders, kidnappings and sexual assault by rival cult groups against their opponents which have spiralled in states, Ogun State in particular.

President Buhari, who was reacting to reports reaching him on the renewed cult violence, with Ogun state as the new battlefront, said that the police and other law enforcement agencies must confront head on, groups seeking to destroy peace and bring disorder before they gain strength.

“What should frighten us is that the deadly cult groups are increasingly attracting lonely, anxious, troubled youth who they trap in unorthodox social practices. Parents and religious leaders must come to grasp with what is going on and halt the radicalization of our youth,” said the President.

It has been reported that the clashes between the Eiye and Aiye cult groups have persisted, lasting for over a week, following the killing of key leaders of both groups.

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