Here Are Five Things To Know About The Y’ello Doctor

A resident being checked by one of the doctors during the Y’ello doctor outreach

Nothing beats good health, and the Y’ello Doctor is here to improve the health of Nigerian citizens with easy and free access to healthcare.

Here are five things you should know about The Y`ello Doctor Mobile Clinic Truck:

  1. Healthcare for rural and semi-urban communities

The initiative is in collaboration with the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) and is aimed at increasing the accessibility of Nigerians living in rural or peri-rural communities to medical services and primary healthcare interventions through the mobile clinic platforms using trucks. It involves the deployment of mobile clinics across Nigeria with consumables and drugs for an initial one year period.

  1. Better Healthcare services

The Y’ello Doctor scheme serves as an avenue to improve healthcare services for Nigerians, especially women and children living in rural communities. The Y’ello Doctor seeks to prevent diseases, manage chronic conditions, provide access to treatment and offer referral services for severe conditions.

  1. Supporting Government efforts in Healthcare

The Y’ello Doctor initiative is in line with the United Nations sustainable development goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals. The Initiative is in partnership with the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency and the ministry of health across the six states, to further support government efforts in improving the healthcare system.

  1. Easy Access to Healthcare Services

The Y’ello Doctor mobile clinic trucks are currently operating in five of the selected six states which include- Lagos state, Anambra state, Kano state, Gombe state and Kwara state. In each of these states, the Y’ello Doctor mobile clinic trucks are visiting communities and providing medical services easily to residents. The mobile medical clinic will provide treatment of the regular basic diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, respiratory tract infection, screening for diabetes, HIV, hepatitis, general consultancy, and also covid vaccination.

  1. Building a Health-conscious culture.

The Y’ello Doctor is set to provide treatment and also educate those living in the rural communities on the importance of visiting health care centres and health facilities. The Initiative is set to drive health-conscious culture among Nigerians across the six states.

The Y`ello Doctor Mobile Clinic Truck ensures that every Nigerian has access to good healthcare services and protects Nigerians from the financial burden of medical bills. Look out for it in your area.

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