How Acting Changed My Life – By Nollywood Actress, Chigoziem Alichi Mbah

Pretty actress, Chigoziem Alichi Mbah popularly known as Chizzy is so thankful to Almighty God for all her achievements in life.

The Nkwubor, Nike, Enugu state-born actress, model and business woman gladly bared it all to us.

Can we meet you?

My name is Chizzy Alichi Mbah.

What is the full meaning of Chizzy!

Chigoziem (God bless me).

What’s your educational background like?

 I am a graduate of Agricultural Engineering from ESUT.

What makes a good actress?

I practice all the time I read and digest my scripts and at that point, I am not Chizzy, but the person/the character that I’m trying to interpret.

How long have been in the movie industry?

That’s a long time from my first year in school though, I took it very seriously when I graduated in 2015.

What differentiates you from other actresses?

My charisma, unique features and of course, doing my thing effortlessly.

What do you like most about being an actress?

Travelling (I don’t like to stay at one place … Lol. Meeting different people and culture and other opportunity to pass a positive message/educate people with my work, it’s a passion.

What is your state of origin?

Enugu state… Nkwubor Nike, Enugu East Local Government Area. Ebonyi state then, but now under Enugu state.

Which is the most memorable role you have interpreted?

I think the role of a blind orphan.


It’s emotional, trying to maintain straight eyes and crying and expressing myself at the same time. It was really a big deal and I enjoyed it.

What is the greatest thing being an actress has done for you?

Like I said before, it’s my passion and ofcourse, the pay and exposure. I was able to help and change the life of my family even before I got married.

Which is the worst role you have played?

I can’t really say that because, I always go through my scripts before accepting it. If I don’t enjoy the script, I can’t do it no matter the money involved.

What is the greatest lesson life has taught?

The sky is big enough for everybody.

Who are your movie icons?

Genevieve, Omotola and Stephanie Linus.

How do you rate the Nigerian movie industry?

I must say that we are doing so well … If government can sponsor or big companies coming in, we will definitely do better.

How many movies have you featured in?

I have lost count.

What kind of person is Chizzy Alichi Mbah?

Very simple girl and easy going. I don’t want trouble. Humble and hardworking person

There’s this rumour in town that you are arrogant. How true is it?

Hahahaha…Freedom of speech my dear.

What is the most important thing to you right now?

My reality show. “The experience kids show.”

Tell us more about your reality show and how soon it is coming out?

It’s a reality show for kids/teenagers. Aimed at discovering young talents, it is opening by soon.

How many awards do you have to your credit?

Quite a lot, I have not counted them.

How affordable is Chizzy Alichi Mbah? What are your charges?

Not that affordable, better soup na money. I can’t discuss my fee here, thanks.

What is the greatest thing God has done for you?

One of them is my husband and I’m grateful!.

What is the sweetest thing about marriage?

Everything for me … well I married my friend. Everything is sweet. My biggest supporter, my adviser and my everything.

Would you consider it the best decision you have ever taken?

Yes, the best.

How would you describe your style?


When was the last time you wore a suit?

Recently, for a photo shoot.

Which is your favourite, corporate or native attires?

Casuals, please.

Why do you love casual wears?

No plenty drama and accessories.

What is your favourite colour and why?

Red … I don’t know why but red is my colour.

How about drinks?

Alcohol please laughs…Well, wine and champagne.

What is your favourite food?

Any good food well prepared and tasty too… preferably rice and vegetable.

What is your best fashion accessory?


How do you relax?

Hang out with friends and watch movies and eat.

What is your definition of a stylish woman?

I don’t really know. I prefer people with brains that I can learn one or two from. I’m not really a stylish person so I can’t say.

Can you tell us the three beauty products that you can’t live without and why?

None. I’m a natural beauty. I only wear make-up when I’m filming or going for events or photo shoot.

What is the most common thing in your wardrobe?

Shorts… I guess.

Are you a lip stick or gloss woman?

Gloss please.

Who is your best dressed Nigerian woman and why?

Best dressed woman…Hmmm, I don’t know o. I have not really taken note.

Where is the most fantastic place you have travelled to recently?

Not really sha. But that should be Dubai during my honeymoon … I visited beautiful and fun places…

What does fashion mean to you?

To me it means being comfortable and confident. Whatever you are wearing and you are comfortable and confident about it then you are good to go.

Would you consider a plastic surgery?

Have you seen me? God did mine before I was born. I will never!

Share your happy moments with us?

I’m a very happy person, so I am always happy even now … I don’t wait for any special occasion to be happy but like I said, I love to travel and try different things. It gives me joy.

What is your advice for those up and coming thespians who see you as a role model?

Work hard, don’t expect to come in today and blow tomorrow, step by step. Pray, be focus and be persistent.

Describe your wardrobe?

Simple but stylish.

What is the secret behind your beautiful looks?

Happiness. Water and vegetables,

What is the highest amount you have spent on a fashion item?

I think close to a million on a handbag.

What is your philosophy of life?

The sky is big enough for everybody, stop hating and drop jealousy.

Which Nigerian designer makes your clothes and why?

Not a particular person.

What are the three things people don’t know about Chigoziem Alichi Mbah?

I love gadgets, I own many companies, I like food (I think people know this one sha).

Who are your close friends?

I just have friends … Many friends.

Tell us about your companies?

I prefer not to at least for now.

What does friendship mean to you?

Help, share ideas, come to each other’s aid etc.

What perfumes do you like?

I have quite a lot, gifts from friends. I buy once I like fragrances. No particular preference.

What do you like wearing from Monday to Friday?

Mostly corporate Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday I can wear anything (mostly casuals)

Do you love heels or flat?

Heels please… I modeled in school, so I am comfortable with heels. I can wear it all day.

What is the biggest challenge facing Nollywood?

Basically funds …We don’t have big sponsors yet.

How would you define acting?

Acting is like our everyday life and activities, the difference is just the camera.

What is the best way for one to make money as an actor?

No best way. You just have to put in the work and pray once God remembers you and you blow, the family will be coming from left, right and centre. Entertainment is general.

What is a must have in an elegant woman’s bag?

To me, I think make-up and money.

Can you recollect the role that turned around your career?

That’s Akaraoku directed by Yul Edochie.

Most people watch your films to be happy. What makes Chigoziem Alichi Mbah happy?

I am equally happy when people are happy watching my movies, it gives me joy. But in general money makes me happy. Laughs … That’s why I work very hard and invest a lot, I no want hear story. I like having plenty money.

What is the nicest thing that you have heard people say about you?

She’s very humble ….

How many movies have you produced so far?

Not sure but more than 10 now and will continue once I set up my reality show.

You must be a millionaire, having starred in multiple movies and produced several too?

Of course na … Billions we dey pursue now. Laughs …

What are the titles of the movies produced by you?

Unusual Couple, Inside Marriage, Hidden Agenda, Paint My Love, Seer, Pieces of Life, Biaty (The Insecure Wife), Defiled Throne, Marriage Controversy, Royal Revenge etc. Many still in the studio.

Lastly, what is the cause of the rift between you and Destiny Etiko?

I don’t have rift with anyone, I am too busy minding my husband and my investments. Rift is for small, small girls.

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