Five Movies That Will Get You In The Mood For Valentine

Valentine is less than three weeks away, and we are already feeling the love in the air. If you’re yet to get into that delightful romantic place, here are five movies that should get you right into the mood:
1. Lemonade:
In this Nollywood movie set in Abuja, a not-so-single mum of one finds love after a terrible breakup and life’s dealings. She’s had to deal with gaslighting, abusive behaviour and cheating that colours her view of love. Her ex also took a loan on her father’s house and refused to pay. To make up for his decisions and avoid foreclosure, she takes in a house guest with whom she and her son eventually fall in love.
2. Midnight Sun:
This 2018 romantic drama is about a teenage girl with Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which prevents her from going out into the sunlight.
When she meets a boy, she struggles to tell him about her condition or pretend to live a regular life. After a whirlwind relationship marked by the effects of her disease, Katie eventually dies. However, she leaves a song for her boyfriend and messages to last him for a while. Although their relationship was short and ended in death, she managed to touch Charlie’s life enough to motivate him to pursue his dreams.
3. The Vow:
Almost a decade old, this story is still every bit as emotional as it was when Spyglass Entertainment first released it in 2012. It follows a married couple played by Chaning Tatum (Leo) and Rachel McAdams (Paige) and their lives before and after an accident that changed their relationship forever. One evening, on their way back from a date, they get into an accident that lands both of them in the emergency room.
Leo leaves almost unscathed, but Paige goes into a coma. When she regains consciousness, she realises that she’s lost all memory of Leo. He makes a promise that he’ll do everything to make her either remember him or fall in love with him again.
4. Me Before You:
This story is yet another romantic movie on this list that ends in death but is still full of life. Will’s parents hired Louisa as a carer for Will Traynor, a tetraplegic. After months of taking care of him and getting to know him, she finds out he wants to get assisted suicide in Switzerland.
She takes it on herself to help him experience new adventures and find a new love for life. After a few trips, they fall in love with each other, but Will is still determined to go through with assisted suicide. They eventually spend their last days together until his final moment. In the end, Will leaves Lou some money to travel the world and lead a comfortable life.
5. Too Rich Too Poor:
This Nollywood film sees two people with a complicated history come together after the most frustrating merry-go-round. Although the twists and turns were significant to the story, viewers will still find themselves screaming at both lovers to open their eyes to what’s in front of them.
A young man wants to succeed in life without his family’s money or influence. So, he pretends to be poor until he meets someone he immediately likes. Instead of coming clean, he maintains his ‘poor-man’ persona and even lies to keep the facade. Eventually, after their parents unknowingly introduce them to each other in hopes that they will get together, she realises he’s been lying all this while. Things are bad until they eventually figure things out and end up together.
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