UNILAG Students Win Cash Prizes As ALAT By Wema Kicks Off Campus Programme

Students of UNILAG have received various customised merchandise and cash gifts at ALAT’s Campus Storm holding at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba. The digital bank began a week-long event on Monday, January 10, 2022, at the Wema Branch within the school’s premises. The programme, which coincides with UNILAG’s freshers’ orientation week, is one way the digital bank appeals to the interests of young Nigerians and encourages financial literacy.

Various exciting activities such as digital, computer and board games, karaoke and other music and dance challenges have kept the students engaged throughout the campus storm. Social media games on the bank’s social media pages have also been used to draw attention to the event.

Over a quarter of a million has been made available for students to win during the 5for5 raffle draw for the duration of the campus storm. The bank has also used the programme as an opportunity to onboard new account holders and showcase the many offerings of the ALAT app.

One beneficiary of the raffle draw described the win as a surprise, saying, “I was on my way to my hostel when I heard one of the event MCs sharing how easy it is to open an ALAT account and I decided to see for myself. I didn’t come intending to take part in the raffle draw, but I am glad I did.”

Other students who took part in the “how-fast-can-you-open-an-ALAT-account” challenge considered it the easiest game to win, while others who won the ALAT sing-along challenge, as well as the rap battles, were grateful for a platform to show off their talent.

Student ambassadors – a group of student advocates across the country dedicated to onboarding fellow students while using interesting strategies to promote financial literacy and independence. Ambassadors have also begun onboarding students into the ALAT Trybe.

Since its inception in 2017, ALAT by Wema has continuously connected with young Nigerians through targeted activities and ideas. In December 2021, the bank announced 29-year-old award-winning singer, Davido as its brand ambassador. In the same year, it launched the ALAT Talk Series, a platform provided for young Nigerians to discuss the things they are curious about from business management to technology to relationships and love.

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