Take A Break From “Back To Work’ Jitters With These Top Nollywood Shows

The holiday ended as fast as it came and we are back to the season of “Kindly find attached’ and “Trust this meets you well”.

In the midst of ticking off activities on your to-do list and achieving set work goals. It is important that you take a break and relax. What better way to relax than to catch up with some top Nollywood shows that are sure to keep you entertained enough to forget about work for a minute.

Here are 4 interesting Nollywood shows you can watch on Showmax.

My Siblings and I:

This show will take you back to when you were much younger and growing up with your siblings with all the drama and mischiefs that always come to play. It follows the life of the Aberuagba’s, and the relationships between the siblings in the family, including their antics and conflicts.

In this family, everyone’s life is subjective to the opinion of others and there is no ‘mind your business’ affair here. You can just imagine some of the characters as your colleagues, especially those ones that can’t get their nose out of other people’s business. You are guaranteed a good laugh with this one.

My Flatmates:

Watching “My Flatmates” will crack up so much and will also make you give yourself a thumbs up on how well you are doing, especially with your job. You’ll most likely keep wondering what goes through the head of Chief Donatus, Lawyer Obus and let’s not even talk about the “efficient” security guy, Prosper.

The situational comedy follows the lives of four friends who share an apartment and all the chaotic and hilarious activities they take on everyday. This will definitely make your break a good one as you are able to clear your head while watching.

Ghana Jollof:

Is the grass really greener on the other side? This is what two Nigerian friends, Romanus and Jasper journeyed out to discover in Ghana. But, trust them not to go a day without drama and new adventures. What do you expect when a squatting friend, Romanus is dating the ex-girlfriend of his host, Kweku, whom he has not gotten over and is trying to win back. Chaos!

The Showmax original comedy produced by Basketmouth will definitely have you cracking up and each episode of the show is enough to help you unwind from work for a bit and get back in with a bang.

Date My Family:

Going to dinner with a potential date is one thing, but going to dinner with the family of your potential date? Now that is a totally different ball game. On this show, singletons looking for love go on the first date with their potential suitor’s family.

You can imagine how entertaining this will be. And you might just pick up a dating tip or two while at it.

With all these shows and more, you are sure of an interesting break time with Showmax for as low as ₦1,200.

Visit www.showmax.com to sign up and get access to premium HBO shows, thousands of kiddies’ content, Nollywood shows and series, documentaries, blockbuster movies, reality shows, live sports, and more.

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