How To Have A Happy New Year – By Olumide Emmanuel

Happy new year to you and welcome to 2022.

This is not just another usual year but our year of all-around growth and I am hopeful that you will position yourself for growth this year.

This month I will like to share with you how to have a happy new year. This is vital because having a happy new year is not an automatic thing.

I know you have said and heard many happy new years all your life, but the question to really ponder upon is – HAVE YOU REALLY BEEN HAVING HAPPY NEW YEARS.?

Has your life really been better from year to year?
Have you really made meaningful progress year after year?
Are you okay with the way your life has been all your lifetime?
If your answer to any of these is NO, then you need to learn how to have a happy new year.


Having a happy new year is not automatic
YOU are the only constant in all the years of your life, so for things to change YOU must change.
Different nations enter the new year at different times based on their geographical position on the globe, and this means that you must be rightly position to have a happy new year.
The new year is just a date, but real newness is in you and God
There are five factors that determine whether you will have a happy new year or not:

EXAMINE YOURSELF – if you are going to have a happy new year, you need to examine yourself.
You are the only constant in the years of your life, so if anything will change it begins with you. So, to really have a happy new year, you need to:

Begin with God
Begin with His word and
Eliminate anything that is contrary to God
In Luke 15, we see how that the prodigal son encountered a turnaround when he examined himself and came back to his senses. Take time out to examine yourself and get ready for a really HAPPY NEW YEAR.

BECOME A NEW YOU – 2 Corinthians 5:17 reveals that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. When we become believers, we become new and so experience newness. You can’t remain at the same level and expect a different result so to have a happy new year, there must be a happy new you.
What did you do or not do in the previous year that affected your journey negatively?
What have you put in place to ensure it is not repeated this year?
The new year is here but a new you is needed to make it a happy new year.

THINK NEW THOUGHTS – proverbs 23:7 reveals to us that as he thinks in his heart so is he. And this means that our thought determines our actions and our actions determine our outcomes.
Philippians 4:8 reveals to us God’s thought syllabus to enlighten us on how to think and what to think on. Many of us are where we are today because of our stinking thinking and to experience newness we must think differently.

DO NEW THINGS – you can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, so to experience new things you must do new things.
You have to do uncommon things to get uncommon results.
Check your past actions carefully and examine how it affects the progress of your life then do the needful to have a better year.

In life, you have to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to make it. This is very important because you cannot solve a problem with the same level of intelligence you had when you created the problem.

SET NEW GOALS – a lot of people fail in life because:
They don’t set goals
They set goals but don’t write them down
They write it down but don’t have a plan/strategy on how to achieve it
They have a plan/strategy but don’t implement it and take action
They take action but don’t constantly review and evaluate
These are some of the major things that have to be factored into this new year.

Without a GOAL you can’t score GOALS

If you are not a goal setter you cannot become a goal-getter.

So, I say a happy new year to you.

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It is well with you and yours…so keep the dream alive

– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel is a wealth creation expert and senior pastor of Calvary Bible Church

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