Celebrating An Omoluabi The Goldberg Way

Omoluabi is a cultural concept associated with the Yoruba people. The word when broken down to its basic core can be read as omo + ti + olu + iwa + bi. This translates to the child begotten by the Chief of Iwa (Character).

An Omoluabi is a child everyone in the community looks up to because of the virtues they exhibit in their craft and their daily lives. Irrespective of their choice of profession, you can always count on them to be people of integrity.

Recently, sons, and daughters of Yoruba descent all assembled at the palace of the great custodian of Yoruba traditions, the Ooni of Ife, where he declared the 11th of September as Goldberg Omoluabi Day. This declaration is in celebration of the tenacity and integrity of the Yorubas, which the brand has now brought to life in their recent colourful TV commercial.

If you have ever attended a Yoruba wedding, you must have experienced the flamboyance that is accompanied by great food which seals the joyful nature of the event. In Yorubaland, food binds. Food prevents and solves rifts, as the people believe that he who eats with you, can’t kill you. But beyond this, great food is a recognition of the hard work of caterers.

As displayed in Goldberg’s TVC, a diligent caterer, though behind the scenes, carries out her duties with great discipline knowing that the happiness of many depend on it. She respects the guests because a respected guest is a happy client. She is not an Omoluabi only because she works hard, but also because she never compromises on quality and won’t cut corners to make a profit. She works her craft intelligently. Awareware of how things can go bad, she does her best to avoid them.

By telling her story in the new TVC, Goldberg Lager Beer sends a reminder to its audience about how remarkable the concept of Omoluabi is. Even though these are everyday people, they have chosen to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Reminding us that these artisans of integrity are all around us, And deserve to be celebrated and appreciated for their brilliance and impact.

So the next time you see a person exceptional in their craft, salute them and remind them that they are doing well.

Omoluabi ni yin!

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