Toolz, Ehiz & Jimmie Join Toke Makinwa On A Sizzling New Episode Of The Buzz

On the latest episode of Showmax’s BBNaija show, The Buzz, Toke Makinwa was joined by Multimedia personality Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru-Demuren, Media Personality Jimmie Akinsola, and VJ Ehiz ‘Dadaboy’ Okoeguale to dissect the seventh weekend in Big Brother’s house.

The Weekend’s Highlights

Toke started the show with the weekend’s highlight, and the word ‘spicy’ was too weak to describe those two minutes. Toolz joined her to discuss the wild weekend. They started the discussions by talking about the selection of housemates this year. Toolz said she believed the housemates really studied the previous seasons and came up with strategies for their game to that end. She also shared that the friendship between Jackie B, Queen and Angel that we saw last week would only last as long as the game. They also gave a shoutout to Liquorose and her energetic “full workout” dances during the jacuzzi and house parties.

The Sailing and Sinking Ships

Jimmie started the conversation by saying that he always thought Whitemoney and Queen had a ‘brother-sister’ kind of relationship. But, he could see how Queen would misconstrue those shared moments as something romantic. Toolz says she gets Queen because she’s also territorial about her friends. And if she saw a ‘best friend’ of hers doing ‘best friend’ things with someone else, it would get to her. Toke interjected that Queen brought some content to Whitemoney and gave him a new side that cooking, singing, and cleaning failed to do.

They moved on to the budding relationship between Yousef and Angel. They all agreed that the teacher had “a release of energy” during his lap dance with the resident vixen. They said this release is the only thing that brought about the ‘you love/like me’ conversation the duo had afterwards in bed.

Standout Moments And Exclusive Content On The Buzz

Ehiz joined the other guests at this point to unravel the wild standout moments from this weekend. They got into the murky waters by dipping their feet into the Bermuda triangle between Jaypaul, Saskay, and Cross. Toke and Ehiz agreed that Saskay was the Queen of Boys. They discussed how she handled them during the Saturday night party. From the kiss with Jaypaul, the peck on Cross’s forehead and the joint moment they all had.

They moved to Angel and Cross’s fiery kiss and their weird moment in the garden. Ehiz joked that the two should create an ‘Only Fans’ account after they come out from the house so that he can subscribe to it. He then went ahead to follow her on Instagram while exclaiming that she’s his favourite person on the show. They talked about Yousef’s presence during one of Angel and Cross’s steamy sessions. Ehiz had only one question – do people still know he’s on the show? They quickly moved on to Cross and Angel’s dance. They all agreed that Angel was just living her best life and enjoying every moment of the game.

To end the show, Toke asked her guests for their most valuable player of the week. Ehiz chose Angel because she’s the highlight and keeps everyone on their toes. Toolz picked Yousef, saying she feels sorry for him after his moment with Cross and Angel. Jimmie chose Cross because he’s living his best life in the house. Toke had two MVPs, Yousef because he gets to release and Saskay because she’s playing the boys like it’s nothing.

The Buzz is exclusive to Showmax and airs on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on the drama from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition.

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