2Face Idibia’s Marriage Going, Going… As Annie Threatens To “Scatter Everything!”

What a pity! Superstar musician, 2Face Idibia’s marriage of many years to actress Annie Idibia may be heading to the rocks.

In fact, unless an urgent miracle happens, the duo may cease to be officially addressed as Mr. and Mrs.

Alleging ill treatment and adultery on the part of her estranged husband and father of her two daughters, Annie has threatened to “scatter everything.”

Accusing 2Face or 2Baba of allegedly escaping to America to be with Pero Adeniyi, another lady who has three children for him,
Annie in the trending audio claimed that 2Baba lied to her that he was going to shoot a music video, only for her to later find out that he travelled to the US.

Almost going hysterical, Annie could be heard in the leaked audio saying, “My husband told me that he had a shoot today. And his stupid cousin, Frankie, helped him to plan his getaway.

“His family does not like me. They hate me. They have been giving me hell for 10 fuc… years.

“Today, my husband packed his things, he lied to me that he was going to shoot. But my husband is on his way to America, planned by himself, his manager, Efe Omoregbe and Frankie. All of these behind my back.

“I don’t deserve this, I don’t. I know this is not your business, but I can’t even call any member of his family. I can’t even call his manager, he won’t even take my call.

“He thinks I am the reason… He thinks I am in his way, he thinks I am in his fuc… way so he and Efe will never take my call.

“Innocent is on his way to America, without telling me, without fuc… telling me. He is going to see Pero in America. Don’t tell me not to move this car, I am going right now…” She wailed uncontrollably.

Annie and 2Face (real name Innocent Idibia) were childhood lovers. They met back then in Maroko, Lagos. 2Baba, with five children from two other women, Pero and Sumbo, married her against most permutations. Both had been putting up a facade of being in a delicious and sumptuous relationship, until days back when Annie let the cat out of the bag. Accusing him of abandoning her, she equally added that her in-laws have refused to show her love. Now, she’s threatening to scatter everything.

Interestingly, her husband has not uttered a word yet!

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