Passengers Blast Air Peace Over Abrupt Cancellation Of Flights

The Allen Onyema-led Air Peace is currently under fire. Why? Their incessant and abrupt cancellation of flights.

Expectedly, some of the leading airline’s aggrieved passengers have taken to the social media to pour out their grievances.

Fred Chukwuelobe

One of them, a top journalist and social critic, Chief Fred Chukwuelobe, summed them up thus: “AIRPEACE, OUR PAIN…”

Undone, he said: “Their slogan is ‘Airpeace, our peace’. But that was then. It is now ‘Airpeace, our pain’.

“Airpeace, this is wrong!

“How can you move a flight scheduled for 11:55am to 5:30pm and you’re notifying your passengers when they’re already on the road rushing to beat traffic?

“This is just wrong.

“What is ‘operational reasons’ if not that you want to fly to all the cities of the world.

“Airpeace, this is very frustrating.

“Airpeace is not our peace anymore.

“Government should step in and stop Airpeace from treating its passengers this way.

“Airpeace, I have things to do today. You have just ruined them.

“Airpeace, this is wrong.

“Allen Onyema, this is wrong! It is wrong! It is wrong! It is wrong!”

Corroborating Chukwuelobe, another unhappy passenger, Peter Osamgbi, added that, “They have become very terrible. Sad, that this has now become their trend.

“I had similar experience with them last week.

Pity, really.”

A third passenger, Ngozi Ikebuaso, said, “Airpeace managements are goofing a lot these days, a lot has changed.”

Responding, however, the management of Air Peace blamed it on unforeseen circumstances. They equally apologised for disrupting their passengers’ programmes. “It does not delight the airline to cancel flights and disrupt plans of its passengers but the situation was caused by the temporary unserviceability of 2(a B737 and E195-E2) of our aircraft which were mistakenly rammed into at the airport some days ago… Thus, we apologise for the flight disruptions and the attendant inconveniences…”

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