Confused Ships, Tega Drama, And The Ultimate Show-Down In The Tenth Episode Of The Buzz

Week 6 in Big Brother’s house was full of drama, with 88% of the house up for possible eviction. The housemates tried to shine the brightest and entertain the hardest, and it all paid off for the viewers. As usual, Toke Makinwa and her guests were on hand to break down the week on Saturday’s edition of The Buzz on Showmax.

This time around, ex-BBNaija housemate, Prince Nelson Enwerem, joined Toke. Blogger Foluke and ex-BBNaija housemate Nelson Allison were also on the show. Prince, her first guest, immediately dove into the scenes from the week’s recap, saying it gave him a sense of deja vu. He told her his set (the Lockdown gang) played similar games, and it just took him back there. He also added that the seclusion in the house makes it easy to couple up. However, the former HM thought some of the ships this year look like they were deliberately engineered.

The Moving Ships?

As always, the Shine Ya Eye housemates left us dazed and confused about what directions their ships were moving in week 6. Thankfully, Toke, Prince and blogger Foluke (Jejenaijagram) helped us navigate the waters with the help of recap clips from Big Brother.

Foluke dove straight into the discussion. She said that the ships were becoming more confusing each week. Toke gave the breakdown – “Cross likes Saskay, who likes Jaypaul. Now Jaypaul still kind of likes Jackie B. Jackie B is with Michael. Michael is Peace’s crush, but Peace seems to still like Cross.”

Foluke said she feels like Michael is a playboy, but Toke wanted her to clarify if she meant ‘play’ or fuckboy? Prince disagreed with the ‘fuckboy’ analysis, but he thought he should have asked Jackie to be his girl instead of assuming. They all agreed that Saskay is beginning to like Cross, but Cross isn’t putting in the work to prove that he likes her too. Toke said, for selfish reasons, she wants Cross to remain single so that he won’t lose his vibe, and ultimately, his game.

They tried to break down Peace’s game, saying that she’s hiding. They called her out for using the information the housemates tell her to reinforce her relationships with other people.

Every Week 6 ‘Gbas-Gbos’ in Five Minutes

They were joined by BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemate, Nelson Allison, to discuss the most notable fight of the week – Boma and Angel’s throwdown.

They started by heaping praise on Yousef for the way he dealt with his missing Abeg cash. They said he handled his confrontation with Angel with such decorum and gentlemanly mannerisms. They all agreed that they were looking forward to finding out who the real culprit is.

They moved on to Boma’s rather disgusting statement about Tega’s vag*na and how it led to the blowout with Angel. Pere revealed during a game that Boma told him that Tega’s vag*na was like a ‘flabby fish fin’. Tega then discussed it with Angel and Queen -both girls had also gotten physical with the 35-year-old. This led to Angel calling Boma a “kiss and tell” and resulted in their fight.

Nelson began the conversation by saying that Boma’s statement was too disrespectful. They all agreed that Boma’s actions were rude and cringe-worthy. Prince said the eventual fight was a lot. He added that Boma took it too far by mentioning her family and sensitive things about Angel, such as her mental health.

The Stand-out Moments

Nelson and Toke believed that Saskay would have preferred to go into the Showmax lounge with Cross instead of JayPaul. This then led Nelson into a mild argument with Foluke about whether or not Saskay is confused. Toke quickly took them away from that conversation and on to Tega and how she was handling her slip-up with Boma.

Toke believed that she wasn’t even concerned about what her husband would think as much as she was about what Nigerians would think about her. She said this made her believe that there was more to what Biggie showed us happening under the sheets with Boma.

As usual, Toke ended the show by asking her guests who their MVP for Week 6 was, and everyone had a different choice this time around. Nelson said Cross was his MVP because he has energy, is carefree, and is entertaining. He added, “He’s not trying to entertain you. He’s just like this is me o. Take me as I am”. Foluke chose Angel because she likes that people are constantly talking about her. She said, “She’s entertaining. Angel’s not trying too much. And I like how she held her own in that fight with Boma.” Prince chose Whitemoney because the latter is always trying to keep the house bubbling. Toke then rounded up by choosing Queen because she liked that she was forthright with Angel about prejudging her and apologised.  

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