‘Annie Macaulay Stabbed 2baba While He Was Asleep’, Brother-In-Law Alleges

‘‘…you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a call from Pero demanding he speaks to his kids in the middle of the night due to time difference from the U.S.’’

Annie, the legal wife of superstar singer, Innocent Idibia aka 2baba, and her brother-in-law, Charles, were close pals, at least, on Instagram.

But in the past two days, their once cordial relationship has taken the back burner as both parties have engaged in a messy fight on Instagram.

The younger Idibia has continued to call out his sister-in-law over her recent social media outburst.

It was Macaulay who began the episode when she accused her husband of infidelity on Saturday and brought her marital woes to the public arena.

Accusing his brother’s wife of drug addiction, Charles noted that she must have taken the wrong drugs from her ‘dealer’ to have come online to talk in that manner, of her husband.

Charles did not stop there.

He alleged that Macaulay and her mum are engaged in diabolical measures just “to keep being in 2baba’s life”. He even alluded that the singer was dying slowly and also very unhappy.

Meanwhile, Macaulay quickly responded and reminded her younger brother-in-law of his perpetual dependence on 2baba; hence the reason for her husband’s unhappiness.

Charles, in a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday alleged that the actress once stabbed his brother in the chest while he was asleep.

He wrote, ‘‘Your husband has his wahala (trouble) but is that going to be your solution to this complicated situation life has thrown at you? Is it when you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a call from Pero demanding he speaks to his kids in the middle of the night due to the time difference from the U.S.For example that you will have Peace…when he is dad then what? You would be right and we would be wrong then what?’’

This was one of many allegations he made against his sister-in-law on Saturday.

The younger Idibia said he holds her in high esteem “but would not keep shut on his matter.” He also added that “she cannot be demanding respect from him when she has none for anyone in the Idibia family.”


He also went on to highlight some of the other ‘wrongs’ Mrs Idibia committed.

They included her “pouring food on 2baba at his wedding and publicly humiliating him at the slightest opportunity including in an airport and front of his celebrity friends.”

“Or is it you asking your maids to lock the doors and send the keys to you in South Africa even though you knew your mum-in-law was in the house visiting her son and grandkids from Abuja, and out of respect for herself she came to stay at house…what was her crime?’’

He also berated her for complaining that 2baba had seven kids stressing that she filled her household with ‘‘four maids, two personal assistants, a live-in mum, a live-in cousin and a brother at the annexe.’’

He urged her to have a rethink her actions stating that life is bigger than who has money and who doesn’t.

Annie replies

Not one to take the allegations lightly, Mrs Idibia responded to her brother-in-law and accused him of lies.

“Now you tired of insulting me and my mother. Now is time to cook up sympathy messages! Cook up more lies !!! All you are saying is the truth brother! And-now my house you still dey live, it is well! You were screaming for the last two days, now people are seeing the truth in all your posts, you have changed direction into trying to get sympathy with more lies.

‘‘I have never done anything for you or anyone in your family!! I am just plain evil! I am a devil. I wonder how a man fell in love with this devil since she was 16? It is well. Let the truth set everyone free!’’

She advised him to also mention all the “good things” she has done while highlighting the bad ones.

In all of this, 2baba has kept mum and is yet to react or respond to these latest developments.

Culled from Premium Times Nigeria

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