DSC_3182It was a moment to savor days ago when founder and General Overseer of one of the fastest growing Ministry in Africa, Radiant Army Deliverance Ministry International also known as House of Answered Prayers Home of the Immortals, in Calvary Close, Aguda Ogba, by County Bus stop, Lagos celebrated his 40th birthday.

The one-week event which started on Wednesday July 1, 2015 and tagged “Destiny Encounter 2015” with the theme, “Next Level” had wonderful ministers of God in attendance to bless the children of God for one whole week.

The event which also marked the Papa’s Day Special (July 4, a day set aside to mark the birthday of the man of God) also had a Prophetic Night Of Wonders and a Special Anointing Service to cap it all.

Aside Prophet Tony Aniekwu and his wife Loriah, Evangelist David Elijah, the guest speaker, Bishop David King, the guest minister and other anointed men of God from all over the world where also in attendance.

Popular gospel artistes, Yinka Ayefele, and Sister Chinyere Udoma were on stage to for an unforgettable moments of singspiration.

DSC_2983Adoring a pink and light green attires which was also used to decorate the entire church auditorium, there was a lot to eat, drink and rejoice about during the one week long event.

Born on July 3, 1969 into the family off late Mr. Pius and Mrs. Mercy Aniekwu in Aguobuowa, Eziagu local Government Area of Enugu State, Prophet Tony Aniekwu an end-time minister of God, a prophet, a warrior of the saints, an evangelist and a seasoned man of God grew up in a Christian family under the tutelage of his God fearing parents.

After graduation, Prophet Anthony received a great message of deliverance calling from God. He then pursued this calling, he bagged Bachelor of Technology (B.Th) degree from Apostolic Ministry Training University, Glory Word, Kuala Lumpuk, Malaysia in 2008 to learn more about the ministry.

A distinctive and distinguished Prophetic and deliverance Minister, his church, Radiant Army, has a vision of raising a new generation of champions for whom nothing shall be impossible started as a vision given to him by God Himself and since then they have been sailing through different storms and challenges.

The vision which started 10 years ago in a small room today has a cathedral that sits on almost one acre of land in the heart of Lagos Mainland. Although, the journey have been demanding and glorious as well with so many breakthrough testimonies and wonders of God at work but have been a constant focal point of rumor mongers, pressures and criticisms from within and outside the ministry all because of his achievements within such a short period of time and from those who do not believe the kind of message God has instructed him to deliver but God has constantly fought the battle Himself.

DSC_3155Prophet Anthony operates in four different capacities as a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist and Teacher. He has won several awards within and outside the shores of Nigerian. He was nominated an Ambassador of Peace by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Ambassador For Peace (The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, Development In Nigeria Merit Award, DINMA, Honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD) by Pan African Clergy And Bible Seminary (PACC) and also nominated a major of Chaplaincy of the Christian Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria among many others.

Author of many books among which are; Prophetic Release and Revelation Prayer that changes Destiny, God of the Prophets, Success in Marriage, Advancing through adversities, Zero to Hero and Prayer our greatest weapons.

DSC_3070Married to prophetess Loriah Anthony Aniekwu who is also spiritually sounded and fire brand, Prophet Anthony was blessed with four boys; David, Raymond, Richmond and prciuos and a girl; Tonia, who are all good products of a responsible and progressive parent.

During the one-week long event, Prophet Anthony had a chat with us in his office on Saturday July 4, 2015 where he spoke about his greatest joys and his wish as he marks a milestone in his life and ministry. Enjoy it…


How do you feel today?

I feel great because I believed every man would feel great celebrating his birthday. Even the Bible says a man who numbers his years is wise so, wisdom helps us to number our years and with this I feels great and wonderful.


What are you most grateful to God for?

Well, I’m grateful for the journey so far. I’m also thanking him for the storms of life He has led me through. Remember it’s not willeth nor of him that runeth but God that showeth mercy. For the mercy of God that saw me till today and that’s why we are celebrating. You know they say life begins at forty so I’m just grateful to God for His mercies upon my life.


What were those lessons of life that you’ve learnt at 40?

Humility to everything I see. I’ve learnt to be humble. I’ve equally learnt to lean on God, trusting Him in times of difficulties because I’ve seen both the good, the bad and the ugly and I’ve learnt so many lessons as well. And don’t forget that life doesn’t give you what you deserve but it would give you what you demands for. So, it’s what you demands that life gives you so if you are not careful, life may give you what you never expected to get and from there you learnt. So, I’ve learnt and I thank God I’ve come this far.


What has been the challenges so far in your over 10 years of ministry? 

Challenges in life has to do with men. When God commissions you to do His works He said beware of men so, you meet people who you think should be a plus to your life and at the end of the day the end up making you feel disappointed so, I feel the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced in life is men and for God to have commissioned such a big ministry in my hands I’m sure I’ve come a long way to learn how to follow men so, that’s one of my greatest challenge and I just have to manage it.


What do you consider as you most priced possession at this point in life?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


You are one of the most prominent young deliverance minister in Africa presently, what are some of your achievements as you clocked 40?

Whao! The best has been winning souls for Christ. I’ve been able to count my blessings and naming them one-by-one but, the greatest price is the grace God has given me to be able to solve people’s problems. I’m a vessel of honour in the hands of God so, one of the greatest things I think I’ve been able to do is winning souls for Christ and I’m happy the souls God used me to win have equally been a blessing o this generation.


Finally, what are you wish at 40?

My wish at 40 is to continue to grow and not to end my ministry because life begins at 40. So, I pray to grow spiritually, grow mentally, grow financially and grow in all capacity. That’s my greatest wish, growth in all ramifications.

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