How did you come up with MAG Divas Concept?
It all started from my passion for fashion. I love looking good, I love being trendy, I believe you have to look the part and look the way you want to be addressed. Your outward appearance matters a lot, before people will really get to know you. People get a perception of you from seeing your outward appearance.

Mercy 3
Who constitutes your target audience?
When I decided go into this business, I had to think of the kind of customers I expected to have. I discovered that Nigerian women are stylish; a lot of them have clothes, but don’t know how to put them together. A lot of them have the money, but don’t know where to get good clothes from. A lot of them know where to get good clothes, but end up not being able to afford them. My target audience is the average Nigerian woman. MAG Divas is dedicated to dressing every class of Nigerian women. Here, you can get good and quality clothes for as low as N1,000 and at the same time we have clothes for N8,000. So, it depends on what you can afford; but the bottom line is that what you get here is of top quality.
How do you intend to cope with this?
It is challenging shopping for these kind of materials, because I always want very good quality clothing; I want people to look good without having to break the bank. It wasn’t easy, but because I was dedicated, I went all out to get good things for my boutique.
Where do you order your goods from?
I travel to get my stuff from Italy, UK, US, Turkey and France.
How do you intend to juggle your career, marriage and your boutique?
I just started and I’m sure I will be very good because I have a very supportive husband. He is very understanding and always there for me. I have also put up a very strong team. With my husband and my team, all will go smoothly.
You do well in movies. When was your turning point in the industry?
My turning point was when I became known in the movie called Ara. It was produced by Wemimo Olu Paul, a producer based in Ibadan. That was a turning point for me. I got recognized as an actress and people actually took cognizance of me.
You would have done well in English movies, why did you choose to act only in Yoruba movies?
It is not like I chose to be more popular in Yoruba movies; I do English movies as well. Maybe it is fate. I started with English movies before I crossed over to Yoruba movies. After Ara, I started getting scripts from other Yoruba film makers. Because I just started, I couldn’t turn down offers. Before I knew it, I became popular in the Yoruba genre of Nigerian movies and I am okay with this. I am a film maker; very soon, I will produce my own English movie.
How will you describe a good actress?
A good actress is someone who can actually interpret the role she is expected to play to the best of her ability. A good actress should internalize that role and always be convincing. A good actress must always be professional; a good actress won’t be forming a diva and show up late on sets.

Mercy 2
Why do you think some actresses find it difficult to sustain their fame?
I feel some people are not consistent. People tend to forget things easily. If fans don’t see you for a while, they forget you. So, I think it is all about consistency.
People believe actresses don’t know how to manage their marriage. How have you been able to manage yours, despite stardom?
I have committed my marriage into God’s hands. I believe it is only God that makes marriages work. The spouses play their part, but it takes God to make a marriage work. I am playing my part by being prayerful and being well-behaved. It is not about knowing how to do it right, it is just God.
Do you agree that entertainers live fake lives?
Yes, some of us do because the society expects too much from celebrities. When you see a celeb at the bus stop trying to get a bus, people make fun, which may cause the celebrity to rather be seen in a borrowed car. Nobody can force me to live a fake life because it is all about me. I don’t live according to the dictates of people. I don’t live above my means.
Most celebrities read scandalous stories about themselves and break down, how do you handle scandals?
I have been lucky when it comes to scandals and at the same time, I try to be very careful because I know I am in the public eye and my actions would be scrutinized. But you can’t totally be free from scandals because I have read untrue stories about me. At times I laugh over them and at times I wonder why people would want to tarnish my image. I believe every cooked up story has a source.
Which was the worst scandal you have ever heard about yourself?
I don’t think I have had any terrible scandal and I don’t think I will have any, so help me God.
How do you go about your beauty routine?
I try to take care of myself. I exercise when I am free. When I am not busy, I do my indoor exercises, take lots of water, eat more of fruits and once in two weeks, I take myself to the spa to be pampered. I get a massage, facials and exfoliate my skin.


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